Ape Invaders

Ape Invaders
2 min readJan 16, 2022


Firstly, thank you for taking time to stumble across our medium! This will be a short brief on Ape Invaders letting you know what we’re all about.

Ape Invaders —

Ape Invaders are a group of 5,500 apes that are on a mission to invade every planet in the Metaverse. Each Ape will participate in Ape Invasions and be rewarded in $Stardust based on how much land they have invaded.

What blockchain will Ape Invaders be on?

We will be on the Ethereum Blockchain, and our $Stardust Token will be ERC-20.

Mint & Supply?

.055E & 5500 Supply.


Lead Dev

JV — https://twitter.com/jahvi

I’m JV and I’m the lead dev for Ape Invaders! I’ve been working on blockchain development for the past year but I have over 10 years experience as a web developer. I’ve been part of many NFT projects all of which have been a massive success in the tech side of things but I truly believe what makes a project successful long term is the quality of the team behind it and each one of us has plenty of experience in our fields to make Ape Invaders a big hit. I’ll be working mostly on the Smart Contracts and the web3 integration on the website so if you have any questions about any of these let me know!


CJ https://twitter.com/cjscribble

Hey I’m CJ! I’m the artist and designer of Ape Inaders. I’ve been part of the NFT community since the beginning of the year, either creating my own art or helping design projects. I’ve been an award winning web designer for 13 years and when I’m not moving pixels around I like to paint portraits. Hope you guys love the project as much as we do. You can also find me on Twitter



Hey everyone, I’m Sam a geek, photographer and crypto/NFT degen! I have over 15 years experience as a full stack web developer and have been researching and playing with NFTs since March 2021. I’ll be making sure the website does what it’s told!! LFG!!!!

Community Manager

qatty https://twitter.com/_qatty

Hey everyone! I’m qatty, and will be apart of the Ape Invaders team. Some of you may be familiar with me in other projects that I’ve worked on! I’ll be focusing on growing the community and ensuring your requests get heard!

Marketing Lead


Hey fam! I’m Hoke, I’m in charge of marketing & helping out with the community. I’ve been in advertising & marketing for the last 5 years & have been in crypto even longer. I’m going to make sure that we get Ape Invaders popping and everyone knows about us. https://twitter.com/HokeXBT



Ape Invaders

Assemble your crew, and get ready for the biggest invasions of all time. Explore new planets and reap rewards from looting treasure and conquering land.