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Ape Invaders
5 min readJan 31, 2022


Droids are coming, they are less than one week away. So let’s breakdown some of the details 👇

General Info

Droids will have a max supply of 7,500. Each Droid will be minted using our $Stardust utility token. They will be priced at 250 $Stardust each.

Droids will serve a large role in our ecosystem, and offer similar utility as Ape Invaders. They can be used standalone, or paired with an Ape Invader to maximize benefits and utility.

Stardust Earnings

$Stardust Earning Calculations

Apes Earnings
Apes earn 2 SD a day while staked
Apes earn 1–3 SD per battle
— — — —
Droid Earnings
Droids earn 1 SD a day while staked
Droids earn .5–1 SD per battle, when used alone.
Droids earn 1–2 SD per battle, when paired with an Ape
— — — —
Daily $Stardust Earnings
Apes will earn 3 min, and 5 max.
Droids will earn 1.5 min, and 2 max.
Droids paired with an Ape will earn 2min, and 3 max.
— — — —
Paired Earnings (Droid + Ape)
Each pair will earn 3 $Stardust a day passively staking.
Pairs battled together will earn 2 minimum and 5 max.
Each day a pair will earn at minimum 5 $Stardust and at max 8.
— — — —
Average Earnings
Droids will earn on average 1.75 $Stardust a day alone
Genesis Ape Invaders will earn on average 4 $Stardust a day
An Ape paired with a Droid will earn 6.5 $Stardust a day.
— — — —
💰USD Earnings with $Stardust valued at $3
By pairing your Genesis Ape Invader with your Droid, you will earn an average of 6.5 $Stardust a day. This means over the course of a month, you will earn 195 $Stardust. With $Stardust valued at $3 a token, the monthly and yearly yields are below.

Monthly USD Earnings: $585
Yearly USD Earnings: $7020
— — — —
Breakeven Calculations
At the current pricing for $Stardust, and the floor of an Ape Invader being 0.318 or $833 USD. If you own one Ape Invader & one Droid Invader, you will breakeven in 43 days.

To find this number, you would take the average yield of a pair which is 6.5 $Stardust. Then multiply that pair by the current price of $Stardust which is 3.

This would return $19.5, also the daily earning with a pair. Then you can multiply this number by 43 (days) to get $838.
— — — —
These calculations were calculated with 1 Droid & 1 Ape Invader, and are subject to change with market price fluctuations & gas costs.

Frequently Ask Questions

— — —

Why are Droids priced at 250 $Stardust?
We have decided to price Droids at 250 $Stardust for many reasons, some of the main benefits would be but are not limited to;

  1. Increasing the value of each $Stardust token.
  2. Longevity of the Ape Invaders ecosystem.
  3. All participants of the Ape Invaders, and more largely the $Stardust ecosystem will be rewarded.

Now let’s break these points down 👇

  1. The value of the $Stardust token would be significantly more valuable with Droid Invaders priced at 250 $Stardust, this is due to the fact that both non-holders and holders alike will be inclined to purchasing $Stardust from our Liquidity Pools, this is because Droids will be mintable, not just Genesis holders.
  2. One of the most important aspects of any strong NFT ecosystem would be the longevity of the project. With the pricing we have decided, it will take 10–12 months to fully mint out Drone Invaders. We have chosen to go this route by taking inspiration from some of the most successful projects in the space. If Drone Invaders were to be priced very low, when they mint out the $Stardust token would lose much of it’s utility & value. We have seen this time and time again with many of the other P2E projects in the space, and want to make sure that Ape Invaders does not go this route.
  3. No matter if you are a whale, or holding a single Ape Invader. Everyone will be rewarded and win in the $Stardust ecosystem. While it’s easy to say that 250 $Stardust is unattainable for holders of a single Ape Invader, this pricing will bring value to the entire ecosystem. After doing further research this will increase demand for the $Stardust token, which will then increase the price of the token, and followed by your Ape Invaders. This means even if you aren’t able to mint a Droid every few days, your Ape Invader will be worth more, and your $Stardust daily yield will also be worth more.

Can’t a whale just buy all the $Stardust and mint all the Droids from themself?
The most straightforward answer to this is no. This is because there is just not enough $Stardust available to mint all of the Droids.

Currently our largest holder of Ape Invaders has 150 Apes, he has 8,327 $Stardust. With this he is able to mint 33 Droids, or 0.44% of the total supply.

Not only that, our ‘exchange’ or liquidity pool only has 23,800 $Stardust. Purchasing all of that would not only be likely impossible, it would also cost a ridiculous amount of Ethereum (100+). Even though this is impossible for many reasons, you would still only be able to mint 95 Droids with the entire Liquidity Pool.

How will $Stardust be burnt?
We have many burns planned for $Stardust, but the largest burn that will happen for the forseeable future is the Droid Invaders mint.

Droid Invaders minting at 250 $Stardust each, with a total supply of 7,500 will cost 1,875,000 $Stardust to fully mint out. This means for many months to come, there will also be a high and constant burn on the $Stardust token. This is very good for the tokenomics as more and more $Stardust will be taken out of circulation.

We will also constantly be refreshing our $Stardust shop with new offers, such as raffles, whitelist spots, and various other promotions to create more utility and value for the $Stardust token.



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