Ape Invaders Weekly Update #1

Ape Invaders
3 min readMar 8, 2022

As part of our Apes Invade Twitter Spaces we’ll start publishing updates in our Medium blog to make sure everyone is up to date with our most recent plans and goals.

Apes Arcade Live!

Apes Arcade is now live, this is the first of many games that will be added to our website, enhancing the level of fun for everyone along with our planet invasions.

A weekly leaderboard will showcase the top players who will then be able to compete for prizes in $Stardust. We will also have special weeks where we’ll give away a multitude of prizes such as Merch, WL Spots, NFT’s and more!

You don’t even have to own an Ape or Droid to be able to play in the arcade, all you need is to get a ticket from our shop using $Stardust and as soon as you reach our Top 10 in the leaderboard, you will be eligible for our weekly $Stardust rewards.

Head over our website and play now!

Metaverse plans

As some of you may know our plans to join the metaverse are already in motion.

We are planning to announce this over the coming weeks and we’re already in talks with a few big players in the NFT space to help with marketing and make sure this reaches as many people as possible.

We have released a few sneak peeks in our Discord already so if you want a head start make sure to join us over there.

No more locked staking

In the beginning we used to have periods where you couldn’t unstake your Ape (vesting). We did this in an attempt to keep Ape prices under control which ends up playing in favour of everyone in our community but we found it quite restrictive.

We also noticed that most people (over 92%!) didn’t even unstake during unlocking periods, we believe our community is now fully aware of the value of $Stardust and are more invested in our project in the longer term.

So we decided to keep unstaking unlocked indefinitely, if we ever bring it back in the future we’ll make sure everyone knows well in advance.

Planet 3

The next planet is already under heavy development and you can expect it to come out very soon!

We want to keep the new dynamics a surprise so the only thing we can say now is:

Rare Apes and Droids will play a special part, as well as a common trait some of our Apes have.

What trait is that? Only time will tell…

Nanotech Apes

Nanotech Apes will be part of our next collection and we want to make sure we take our time on it to deliver the highest quality content possible.

We can’t give too many details now but our Lead Designer CJ has been showing sneak peaks to the team and (spoiler alert) they look 🔥.

The only hint we can give for now is that:

You will need a combination of Ape, Droids, $Stardust and a Special Item to mint a Nanotech Ape.

Droid Minting Event

If you want to stock up on Droids to get ready for the Nanotech Apes then this is the perfect time!

We’ll be hosting another Droid Minting event on the 9th of March at 10PM UTC where we’ll be randomly rewarding people that mint Droids with prizes of $Stardust, Apes and Droids so make sure to head over our Droid Minting Page and get yourself a chance to win!

See you all on the next update. 👋🏽



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