Droid Staking + New Staking Page UX

Ape Invaders
3 min readFeb 13, 2022


Droid staking is finally here!

You can now start earning up to 1 $Stardust a day from each droid you stake additional of what you are already earning from staking your ape.

If you want to know about specific tokenomics around Droids + Apes we have an article explaining all the details.

But also, alongside that, we redesigned the staking page in the Ape Invaders website to improve the user experience and help our community understand the mechanics behind $Stardust rewards more easily. This was done thanks to the feedback from some of our holders as well as internal team discussions.

Most of the Ape Invaders core mechanics are the same, the main difference is how they are presented on the page.

What’s new?

The biggest change we introduced was to simplify $Stardust balances, we realised having staking, battle, claimable and claimed balances lead to some confusion so we decided to simplify them.

Now there are only 2 balances, Off Chain Balance and On Chain Balance.

Off Chain Balance

Any $Stardust you earn from staking or invasions will be automatically updated here.

There will be no need to manually collect $Stardust or unstake to collect anymore.

$Stardust from invasion battles or daily stake rewards, whether it’s from Apes or Droids, will be displayed here.

This balance can be used in our Shop or any other in-game mechanics that we release in the future with no penalties.

You will still be able to see $Stardust earned since staking under each Ape or Droid but this will be added automatically to your off chain balance.

On Chain Balance

You can transfer your Off Chain Balance to On Chain Balance at any time, this can be used as any ERC20 Token and can be transferred to other wallets, burned or swapped on DEXs.

Just like before, there will be a tax of 20% when transferring to On Chain Balance if there is no active planet invasion and a 50% tax if there is an active planet invasion, so choose wisely.

On Chain Balance can also be used in our shop and any future game mechanics that require it, like minting Droid Invaders!

Other Improvements

We also included a few extra improvements to make life easier:

  • You can now unstake Apes and Droids individually instead of being forced to unstake all at the same time.
  • When unstaking and staking your Apes and Droids are all selected by default, this saves time to holders with multiple NFTs so they don’t have to click each one, one by one.
  • Staked and Unstaked Apes and Droids are split across different tabs for easier viewing.
  • You may have missed it before but we included a countdown to show when the next staking $Stardust reward will be rewarded on each Ape and Droid.
  • During vesting periods there will be a clear message on the website to make sure everyone knows.

We hope you like our changes and if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to let us know.

See you all in Benus soon! 🚀



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