Exovaders are coming

What is an Exovader?

Public Mint

Public Mint price will be announced soon.

Fusion Mint

  • 1x Ape Invader Genesis (ERC721)
  • 3x Droid Invaders (ERC271)
  • 1x NanoTech Chip (ERC1155)

Ape Invaders Genesis and Droid Invaders are only available through the secondary market, while NanoTech chips will be available in the Ape Invaders $Stardust Shop for a limited time but also can be purchased in the secondary market.

Fusion Mint is FREE

Customisable Exovader look

  • Ape Invader: Fur Colour, Mouth, Head Accessory (not clothing).
  • Droid Invaders: Eyes, Partial Background Colour, Body Colour, Body Structure.
  • Rolling = Rainbow
  • Tracks = Tentacles
  • Box = Flame

An Ape Invader can only be used once and all 3 Droid Invaders will be burned during the fusion process so choose carefully!

Additional traits

Mutated Exovaders

Even 1/1s can mutate to become the ultimate rare Exovader!

Rare Exovaders


Exo Crystals

Exovaders will yield Exo Crystals passively, there will be no need for staking them.

Extended Public Mint



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Ape Invaders

Ape Invaders

Assemble your crew, and get ready for the biggest invasions of all time. Explore new planets and reap rewards from looting treasure and conquering land.