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5 min readAug 2, 2022


Exovaders are the latest collection to be incorporated into the Ape Invaders universe.

Ever since releasing the Droid Invaders collection it has been teased that we will be bringing the ultimate invader and now all 7,500 Droids have been fully minted the wheels are in motion to bring Exovaders to life!

What is an Exovader?

Exovaders will be a collection of 5,500 Enhanced Apes born through the fusion of Genesis Ape Invaders and their Droid Invader companions.

We chose a 5,500 supply to match our Ape Invaders Genesis supply, and since Exovaders represent an improved version of them it makes sense to stick to the same number.

Exovaders will incorporate traits from the Ape Invaders Genesis and Droid Invaders fused into the ultimate invading machine!

Our award winning artist has gone through all different trait combinations to make sure they all fit perfectly within the new Exovaders collection.

There will be 2 ways of minting an Exovader:

Public Mint

A total of 3,000 Exovaders will be available for the Public Mint.

These will be available to the general public as a mix of both Allow-list and Public Mint options.

We are planning to allocate as many of these to an Allow-list and any supply leftover will be available for a general public mint.

Allow-list Mints and Public Mints will run at the same time, being in our allow-list guarantees a spot to mint your Exovader while Public will be on a first come first served basis.

Public mint Exovaders will include a variety of random traits with inspiration taken from our Ape Invader Genesis and Droid Invader collections. They will be chosen from a custom rarity table to make sure there are some traits that are more rare than others.

Public Mint price will be announced soon.

Fusion Mint

A total of 2,500 Exovaders will be available to our current Ape Invaders Genesis and Droid Invaders holders as a Fusion Mint.

Fusion Mint will be different from Public Mint in a few different ways.

To mint an Exovader through Fusion you will need:

  • 1x Ape Invader Genesis (ERC721)
  • 3x Droid Invaders (ERC271)
  • 1x NanoTech Chip (ERC1155)

Ape Invaders Genesis and Droid Invaders are only available through the secondary market, while NanoTech chips will be available in the Ape Invaders $Stardust Shop for a limited time but also can be purchased in the secondary market.

You will need to un-stake your Droid Invaders to be able to use them for a Fusion Mint.

Minting an Exovader through Fusion has some advantages over Public Mint:

Fusion Mint is FREE

No need to pay with ETH as long as you have the required materials. (You will still require ETH for gas fees)

Customisable Exovader look

You will be able to customise how the generated Exovader looks depending on the Ape Invader and Droid Invaders that you use.

The following traits will be carried over to the Exovader’s look:

  • Ape Invader: Fur Colour, Mouth, Head Accessory (not clothing).
  • Droid Invaders: Eyes, Partial Background Colour, Body Colour, Body Structure.

Some of the Droids body structures don’t match the Exovader’s aesthetics so the following traits will be used instead:

  • Rolling = Rainbow
  • Tracks = Tentacles
  • Box = Flame

An Ape Invader can only be used once and all 3 Droid Invaders will be burned during the fusion process so choose carefully!

Additional traits

Exovaders minted through Fusion have a chance at including rarer traits that Public Mint Exovaders won’t have available.

Mutated Exovaders

Because Fusion is still highly experimental there is a 5% chance of Exovaders to mutate during the process!

Mutated Exovaders have their own set of custom traits that have been modified with a unique look over regular Exovaders.

Even 1/1s can mutate to become the ultimate rare Exovader!

Rare Exovaders

If you use a 1/1 Ape Invader Genesis or a 1/1 Droid Invader as part of the Fusion process it will generate a rare version of the Exovader!

If a Rare Ape Invader is used for the Fusion then it will have priority to determine how the Exovader will look.

A 1/1 Droid Invader will generate a rare Exovader only if a common Ape Invader is used.

IMPORTANT: Do not use multiple 1/1s or rares in the same Fusion, only one will be used to determine the look of you Exovader so the other ones will be wasted.


To avoid Ape Invader Genesis used for fusion losing some of their value we will be make them yield twice as much $Stardust until Exovaders are fully minted out.

Burned Droid Invaders will reduce the supply of $Stardust that gets generated from staking so circulating supply will be reduced over time to avoid inflation.

Exovaders will NOT yield $Stardust to further prevent inflation problems and decreasing the value of $Stardust.

Exo Crystals

Instead of yielding $Stardust, Exovaders will passively yield Exo Crystals.

Exo Crystals will be a new resource only generated by Exovaders that will be used for unique features in the Ape Invaders ecosystem.

The most immediate utility will be the upgrade system for Exovaders (more on that to come later).

Exovaders will yield Exo Crystals passively, there will be no need for staking them.

Extended Public Mint

If not all 2,500 Fusion Mint Exovaders are minted out we will open the remainder to be mintable as a Public Mint.

We will allow for plenty of time to make sure all Ape Invader holders have a chance at minting their Exovaders through fusion and, if we decide to open the rest for a Public Mint, we will announce it more than a week in advance.

We can’t wait to show Exovaders and we hope you are also as excited as we are!

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