Invasions — How do they work?

The main utility of Ape Invaders, is of course invading planets. But how will it work? Find out below.


Each Genesis Ape will be eligible for staking. Staking your Ape will see you earn 2 $Stardust, everyday. Staking will be live directly after mint, alongside with $Stardust earning.

Staking UI


So after staking, you are now able to battle your Invader Apes. This is a separate action to staking, you will need to initiate this after staking. Each Invader Ape is able to battle once per day, and this will be reset at midnight UTC.

Once you’ve deployed your Invader Apes, they will start conquering land on the planet, and now will earn $Stardust according to how much land of the planet they’ve conquered. This is determined by how many times you battle, and also how many Invader Apes you’ve deployed to battle.

Battling UI
Conquer & $Stardust earning

$Stardust Tax -50%

Unstaking your Invader Apes whilst an invasion is ongoing will cause to lose 50% of your $Stardust earning.

Unstaking tax


Each month, the top 3 conquerors will receive prizes that can range from NFTs, ETH prize & merch!


Claiming $Stardust

To claim your collected $Stardust just click the “Claim” button at the top. Then it will be available in your wallet like any other ERC20 token.

Claim $Stardust



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Ape Invaders

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