King of the Hill

Ape Invaders
2 min readMar 21, 2022


Ape Invaders Minigame NFT World

King of the Hill or KOTH

To battlestations! Apes are landing all across the planet. Do you have what it takes to claim and defend your own territory? Be the last one standing to conquer your own land and carve your name into history! King of the Hill is a game where players participate in a PVP battle with the goal of capturing the zone. They will fight off other players and attempt to become the last man standing.


● The capture point is depicted by beacons changing from green (Empty zone), yellow (Zone being captured), red (Fully captured)

● The scoreboard portrays who is holding the zone and for how long

● Hologram leaderboard shows the players with the most kills, and a ranking for “Invaders” based on how many times they captured zones

● When the player interacts with an NPC close to the arena, a GUI will allow them to select a kit

● PVP is disabled everywhere besides the arenas

Capturing Zones

○ Invader rank is awarded to the player if they are the only ones in the KOTH area for at least a 10-second interval

○ Invader rank is lost when the player holding the zone runs out of the area

● Banners will identify the KOTH location and will be added as decor.


● Updates to the game for later stages: $WRLD economy for buying kits, wagers in-game, teams KOTH arena


● If players are alone, they can fight mobs in drop-down arenas surrounding the KOTH build

● Players cannot take control of the koth unless there’s more than 1 user on the server.

Player Equipment

● Player options will be divided into kits.

○ Marine

○ Tech mage

○ Trooper

● Players will have “power-ups” associated with certain kits.

○ For example:

■ Clicking an item to get a temporary boost in speed and regeneration

■ Clicking an item to double jump



Ape Invaders

Assemble your crew, and get ready for the biggest invasions of all time. Explore new planets and reap rewards from looting treasure and conquering land.